Fuel Up Before The Big Game

Fuel Up Before The Big Game

Training and exercising before a big game is crucial to performing well and getting the edge over your competitors. But a lot of the time people aren't giving enough thought in what they eat and drink in the lead up to a big game or training session.

Hydration is crucial, as once you start you are going to lose a lot of fluids quickly, so drinking plenty of water in the hours before hand is very important. Once your body tells you that you are thirsty, it means you are already dehydrated, meaning that you are not performing at your optimum level.

Eating complex carbohydrates a few hours before is also essential so that your body has time to convert this into energy without leaving you with a full stomach during periods of maximum exertion.

The guys at truestar health have written a great article telling you more about when and what to eat prior to a match. Check it out here so that next time you truly are a cut above the competition.

More at:
What to Eat and Drink Before the Big Game
By Natasha Vani, MSc., ATCP


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