Moore Park basketball Courts

Moore Park Basketball Courts

Corner of Anzac Parade & Lang Road
Moore Park, NSW, 2021

Six outdoor basketball courts and many netball courts free to play. You can find a pickup game down at Moore Park basketball courts nearly any afternoon with Saturday and Sunday being the busiest from around 3pm. During daylight savings players are down there until around 8pm which makes it a great place to drop by after work. Game quality is consistently average but it really depends on the day. Check it out on a weekend or alternatively visit the courts down at Central for an alternate location with plenty of regular players.
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Hey Adds,

Yeah there are social games at both Moore Park & Central on the weekends.
They are free and usually play 4 on 4 with the winner staying on.

People get down there from around 3 and are playing until sunset.

Also Wednesday nights the lights are on at Moore Park during the Netball season.

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I'm looking for some social Basketball games either at Moore Park or Central which are the same distance from my house. Can anyone confirm if there are any games I could join either weeknights or weekends and what the costs are if any?


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