Keep Sport Free

The Australian Government has decided to review the anti-siphoning list established by the Federal Government to ensure the broadcast rights for major sporting events could not be bought exclusively by pay TV.

This could mean that your children will have to pay to watch Australian sport which should be free for all to view. Pay TV companies are lobbying for a review of the anti-siphoning list so they can charge you money to watch the likes of The Australian Open, National Rugby League, AFL and so much more.

FreeTV Australia is looking for your support, so sign their petition and help stop this from happening!

-Australian Government Website - Review of the ant-siphoning scheme
-Keep Sport Free - Sign the online petition


Anonymous's picture

I agree that sports telecasts should be free and available to free to air, however, along with this right I feel it is only fair that the free to air stations which aquire these rights should air them when they happen (ie live), not just when it suits them to achieve maximum ratings and sponsorship dollars. This has been a scorn to most viewers over the years as we are served up a barrage of delayed broadcasts advertised as live. At least the pay tv stations are broadcasting live. It is about time the major networks stop interfering with programs to suit themselves and their capitalistic ways. Sport and the public are the losers not the networks!!!


Well said!!!! If only someone who could do something was listening :)

Jay's picture

I say I don't like sport my self but Yes keep it on free tv like there's adds there to but why pay for adds on pay tv!! pay tv was ment to have no adds but some fuck whit thort he would rip every Australian off by throwing adds in WTF.....

Aaron 's picture

ok you know how many hours time would be on tv ok sport gose on for way too long that it's kicking off all the good shows we would have more tv shows and better shows i hate watching sport for 2 hrs of my life gone i would rather hangout and play real sport im sick of coming home around 3 in the after noon and see sport and nothing but sport makes me hate tv even more. there's only 7,9,2,10 and sbs thats it and all of them have sport and too much sport

Paul Linke's picture

do you have anything relavent to say about this site? It is not for bad mouthing sport, it is for getting behind free to air sport. Secondly what do you consider as more good tv shows? More reality tv bullshit i bet get a life and go out and live reality instaed of watching it.

Howard Reddish's picture

I thought it was once government policy to keep sport free to air. It seems the pay guys have more clout than the voters.
I live in a remote unserviced zone that relies on a saterlite service through the Imparja network.
Thank God for that.
The pollies need to make wholesale changes that benefit all.
Where we are in country Victoria don't even get Victorian news, how does that make sense?
During Victorian Elections all we get is the New South Wales
version of events.
Wake up Canberra!
Howard Reddish, Swifts Creek, Victoria


ITs about choice Howard - play it on both - thats fair - you can get your delayed, rubbish coverage and if I chose to pay for it - I can get my live, unimpeded by ads cvoerage - meets everyones needs - it need not be one or the other.

R. Tawil's picture

What a farce. I had been looking forward to well-televised, minimal-advertisement sport. Now i have to live with 25% of every program i watch filled with adverts. Channel One, i will be watching all my sport on Foxtel from now on until you decide to give us a reasonable amount of adverts.

david's picture

if australia wants to host the fifa world cup so much then why is the a leage only on paytv and the socceroos to are on paytv FOXTEL if we want a world cup let everyone watch it its hard for people who are soccer fan and cant even watch ther own country play beceaus they only show it on foxtel thats not fair

Anonymous's picture

i completely agree with you. soccer is becoming more and more popular in aus but heaps of people cant even watch it! Parliment of Australia: put ALL soccer with aus on FREE TO AIR!!

Anon's picture

I was just speaking to a friend of mine about this, I agree it should free and available to everyone. Sport plays a big part of our lifes and if it doesn't it should, great post, thank you.

Allan Schmidt's picture

The problem seams to be if it can be sold for money then we have no hope. It won't matter what the people say because we dont matter we'er not molty millioniares they run the world free sport is the same as electric cars it wont happen. the goverment just doesent want it to happen they want to just tax us with the carbon Tax. But with sport they still want the tax money .

AnonymousRobert Wilson.'s picture

I strongly agree that sport should be broadcast free onFree to Air TV Stations. Not everyone can afford Pay TV and many like myself and wife live in an apartment block, whereby the Body Corporate won't agree to have Pay T.V because of the exorbitant cost of installing the necessary disc.

Oliver's picture

I also strongly agree.
Veeeerryy strongly....

Anonymous's picture

Please keep all sports on free to air tv. Not everyone can afford paid tv especially pensioners and low income families.With the cost of living jncreasing every day this is small pleasure should be retained for all Australians to share and enjoy.

Anonymous's picture

Im sick to death of free to air sport. Im disabled so or and, want movies not sport which is on every station on the weekend , cricket/soccer/womens netball/golf/sanfl...Its time for normality!

Graeme's picture

To those who are sick of sport, could you just spare a thought for pensioners like me, who detest modern movies, and the Yank Junk shows that fill the programs , but love some sports.How do you think I can afford Pay TV, (and all the rubbish that's on it now) anyway.

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tim reggett 's picture

sport should always be free why should we pay top dollar there are very few who could afford austar the vast majority of just cant afford to pay around $69 a month on top of rent and other on going expenses and i am one of those people who cant afford to lay out $69 a month free to air sport should always be free despite what the government says im just a pensioner

Woppadingo's picture

The Free to Air channels do not deserve to keep free sport. They have betrayed many sports fans, in particular Rugby and Rugby League fans.
Channel Nine only shows the Roosters, St George and Broncos on TV. If you are a fan of another club, you HAVE TO have Pay TV to see your team.
Channel Seven had the rights to the Super 14, but declined to show the games. So if you want to watch Rugby Union you already have no choice but to watch Pay TV.
I AM NOT RICH OR PRIVELIGED, but I have Pay TV because it's the only way I can see my team play.
So as far as I sam concerned, the Free To Air networks can go to hell.

Anonymous's picture

australian sport and international sport should be available to all tv subscribers for free my wife and i are both pensioners and cannot afford pay tv we also live in the country and cannot afford to go to most australian major sports events. free to air tv is our only way to enjoy sport

Viola Hopps's picture

Sports should be available for free TV. This is one way of utilizing and displaying a nations pride. How could you root for your team when you have to struggle and pay just for watching it.

Paul Linke's picture

I am a fan of all sports particularly any with Australia competing it should be free for all to watch i am single and work but would not think that it is fair to have to get pay tv just to see sport i want to watch because you also have to pay for all the other bullshit channels as well.I have seen many coments complainig about sport on all channels on the weekend they are idiots and proberbly want reality tv bullshit and if thats your thing get a life a stop thinking that watching others do reality things is considered as entertaining. You want reality go outside and watch your neighbours building there house or training their dog.Free to air tv should piss off all these bullshit reality shows and then they would have more space for things that actually mean somethig to the patriotic people of this country instead of the lazy boring reality tv idiots.Free to air stations such as ONE HD still have a lot to answer for as i am sick of seeing things five times a week, too many replays. Surely there is enough sport both live and delayed that it is not nessesary to have so many replays and while im on the subject of channel ONE HD shows like manly surf are not sport, they are sob stories and bullshit. Everyone has problems to deal with in life and i dont watch sport to hear about their sob stories have a teaspoon of concrete and harden the f--k up.anyone who has a problem with anything i have written feel free to contact me on hotmail at as this i subject i feel very strongly about.


Free to air TV v LIVE SPORT! What's the choice??? I'd pick LIVE sport over Free to air sport ANYDAY!!! How stupid do these commercial TV stations think we are - I'm sitting here in QLD watching the NZ v Aus RL game - its 10pm in NZ now - and 7pm here - its not LIVE!!!

I dont care if Nine and Seven (who have pitiful sport coverage which gives no regard to its fans and treats keen sports fans as fools) want to show sport 'free' - but I chose to pay to watch LIVE TV - so all I ask is that Foxtel also be able to show these games live - its called COMPETITION - not MONOPOLY!!

Channel Seven's coverage of the Melb Cup carnival was tragic - and if it thought it was making people watch its sponsors ads - here's what all avid punters did - watched TVN coverage until the jump - then we watched the race on Seven and immediately went back to the REAL racing stations - we didn't watch your sponsors ads Seven - nor any of the other rubbish you filled your coverage with - again, if thats what your viewers want, good for them - but I want the choice to pay to watch all sport how and when I want - not when these rubbish commercial stations chose I can.

Give people choice - we live in a democracy not a monopoly - if commercial tv want to pretend to care about its market - play your delayed coverages - but also allow the balance of australia the chose to pay to watch LIVE sport.

FREE's picture

Damn pay tv.There's so many people watching free tv and they try to give pay tv,the richer ones,higher privveliges.How unfair.

FREE's picture

Oh,so you think,eh?

RON's picture


Anonymous's picture

There is way to much sport on tv..
who the hell wants to sit there and watch cricket for 5 days..
I work 10 hours a day out in the sun..
I want to come home and sit down and relax but all there is on tv is sports and STUPID!!!! reality tv...
There should be a cap on how much sport should be shown on tv...
Max of an hour and that's see all the best bits on news anyways...
If i could afford pay tv i would get it and never watch
free to air as its getting worse every year...
Oh yeah the ash's will be starting soon..oh my i can't wait to see these idiots stand around scratching themselves and after 8 hours of playing getting 5 runs..god I'm drooling,more like crying as another summer of crap!!!!
Lets have more sport on tv..quick sign up for that!!!!

Anonymous's picture

Who is watching the cricket...isn't it just so awesome to have it on TV all day for 5 days!!!!!
I just have to bolt home and watch this crap on TV...
We don't have digital and probably never will and thanks so much to the government and there smart idea's we have to pay for our tv..
At this moment we cant see channel 7,channel 10 has great hits rubbish,and ABC well lets not worry about that channel,SBS cant see...
So what are we left with WIN which only has cricket all bloody day...
Please lets fight to keep sport on TV as we don't need to be entertained but to be BORED out of our sculls..

Anonymous's picture

perhaps instead of watching tv you could go to school and learn to read and write. Much better use of your time.

B.wayne's picture

Well hasn't the last few weeks been great for sports...
5 days of watching crap cricket...
What blows me away is that we say Australia were WORLD CHAMPIONS??
The world doesn't play cricket just a hand full of commonwealth country's play don't try to make a cricket out to be better then it is...
Cricket is about interesting as Golf...or grass growing...
So we had cricket and tennis for what a few weeks...
What a lot of rubbish...
Sports and sports...what moron sits there and watch's this CRAP!!????
If they want to show sports on free to air then show an hour max!!!
I don't want to see reality tv i want to see entertaining shows not the CRAP they are showing now...
This busted arse Government has brought in digital and the people in the rural area's of Australia wont be able to see anything cause it don't work.
But hey screw the people in the bush we don't matter so lets get more SPORTS on tv...more cooking shows oh yes more cooking shows...fools trying to get a million dollars by blowing a ball around...
If you want to see some entertaining shows go back tot he 80's...Yeah some of the shows are weird but better then the rubbish they have on now....

Brack Nathan's picture

The Australian public has demonstrated the high value they place on free coverage of major sporting events through an overwhelming response to Free TV Australia’s Keep Sport Free campaign. During the initial four week campaign 60,267 people signed the online petition to keep sport on Free TV.

Ben Deng's picture

I have been playing basketball for 20 years. It is my favorite game and I am the best in the world. Anyone who is up for a challenge come to the courts and watch me play.

chris's picture

they shoudnt put sport on pay tv but they should take it off all channels like 10, and cram it all into 1 channel like ONE HD.

B.wayne's picture

Well its Australia day and what do we have on TV but sport on all channels...
So much fun and we even have basketball on channel 10..a bloody yank sport...
We will not get digital till 2013 so 2 more years of crap sports..
Thanks for nothing...
When we get digital it will be a cold day in hell if i ever watch sports again you can have it...

Andrew Rollason's picture

Australia beat Uzbekistan 6-0 in an Asian Football Cup Semi-Final on Australia Day, and even the people of Uzbekistan saw the match on free-to-air.

How disgraceful is it that the Australian National Football Team is playing on Australia Day, and more people in Tashkent saw them play than the entire of Australia?

I'm thinking of moving to a third-world country, so that I can watch OUR national team play.

Tim W's picture

If the Free-To-Air channels want the privilege of hanging on to ANY sports coverage they should be prepared to broadcast it in HD!!!!!!!

Extremely frustrating to have the ODI today on SD while some crap from 1964 about American Indians gets the HD nod.

Use it or lose.

Anonymous's picture

Who really cares about HD?

But if they are going to show it, they should be made to show it as it happens . . . not like Channel 9 "coverage" of tonight's Australia vs Zimbabwe being shown . . . wait for it . . . 9 hours late!!!! Surely someone at 9 is taking the piss!

Anonymous's picture

keep sport free now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben's picture

Free to air tv has killed Live sport in Australia, Living in Brisbane Qld ch7 refueses to show AFL on a Friday Night Live into Brisbane. I understand it might not rate well on the main 7 network but what about 7-2 or 7 mate. Are you telling me that a re-runs of the Benny Hill show and Airwolf would rate higher than Geelong v St Kilda? Ch10 complainging that their One sport is at a disavantage to Fox Sports? What do ch 10 mean disadvantage they have the AFL Rights and they refues to show the AFL Live in Queensland, they would rather show fishing with ET or some fella doing a stupid stunt on a BMX what do ch 10 and One Sport expect? Ch 9 with the cricket and league do a horrible job whats that Australia is on the verge of winning a test match? oops sorry its 6pm news time stuff the cricket you can watch it in the highlights package at 6.25 and find out if Australia had won.With league only 1 Live match per week in the Rugby League Capitial of Brisbane with the NRL holding 8 matches per week only 1 match is show Live, wow thanks ch9 for the great coverage, forget about League Test Matches usually 1-2hrs delayed once again great job ch 9. And what about the super 15's or the A-league Free to Air Tv dont want these sports so they dont bother. Where as Fox Sports they dont descriminate on where I live, and if i want to watch League,AFL,Union,A-league or Cricket they dont care about my postcode or the time the match starts, its Live and uninterupted across Australia. Do I want all sports to goto pay tv? Hell No. But I am not waiting up til 11.55pm to watch a football game. I believe in dual rights where pay tv and free to air can show the same game Live, but with free to air that all depends on your postcode.

Anonymous's picture

If we can not achieve sport for the masses live and free to air, then society has failed.

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